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​​Yoga ​​


Hatha Yoga

​​​​​​​​This course is designed for all levels of students, beginners to more advanced levels.  Emphasis on letting students work at their own pace is paramount.  If the poses (asanas) are difficult or challenging, modified versions of asanas are demonstrated, letting each student choose how to perform them.  The overall rhythm and structure of each Yoga class is slow and calm with soothing background music, giving students the opportunity to focus on body awareness, breathing and movement in a relaxed atmosphere.  Students are guided through a gentle warm up, stretches and breathing exercises, followed by a series of complementing back and forward poses, balancing poses and a very restful final relaxation.


Gentle Hatha Yoga

This very gentle form of yoga is practiced sitting or standing using a chair for support and balance.  The course is designed to let students explore and become comfortable performing the yoga poses with confidence and control.  Anyone can practice Gentle Hatha Yoga.  It is also recommended for students recovering from illness, fractures or long sedentary periods.  In addition to the yoga poses, meditation, deep breathing,  a total body warm-up and final relaxation are all part of this course.  Gentle Hatha Yoga allows students to feel completely relaxed while gaining strength, balance and flexibility, performing the yoga poses in a safe and tranquil environment.  Gentle Hatha Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age.   ​

This course is presently NOT offered.



Beginners Pilates

This course is designed for all newcomers to this exciting and unique exercise program.  It consists of 13 sessions covering basic fundamental core Pilates moves.  Students will develop body awareness and learn to move with ease and economy. The course will prepare body and mind for the more rigorous intermediate, and eventually advanced Pilates mat work-out.  


Intermediate Pilates

A sound knowledge of all basic Pilates moves is recommended but beginners are also welcome.  This mat workout will guide you through a fluid, total body routine of Pilates exercises.  The content of this course, performed with a small ball and resistance bands, will prepare students for the next more advanced level.  This course is designed to sculpt and strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve posture and balance.  Visible signs of body transformation will become apparent, leaving you feeling lighter and stronger. 



Advanced Pilates​​​​​

A full-body workout, the advanced series concentrates on exercises to increase core stability and abdominal strength.  The exercises increase in intensity and continually change each session, strengthening and transforming the whole body.  In addition to all basic and advanced Pilates moves, this course incorporates a brief workout for arms and legs, including exercises such as push-ups and lunges.  Light weights (2-5lbs.) small balls, big balls, and resistance bands are also used and are included.